Social Media Management Agreement

Entered between GRKK Web Presence (duly represented by Arthur BC van Dyke)

And (hereafter referred to as the “Advertiser”): (Business Name)
Personal Details:

We offer various Social Media Packages:

  1. One (1) Social Media Platform (Facebook OR Instagram) 1x per week:
    R300.00 monthly, R1800.00 half-yearly, or R3600.00 annually.
  2. Two (2) Social Media Platforms (Facebook AND Instagram) 1x per week:
    R400.00 monthly, R2400.00 half-yearly, or R4800.00 annually.
  3. One (1) Social Media Platform (Facebook OR Instagram) 3x per week:
    R500.00 monthly, R3000.00 half-yearly, or R6000.00 annually.
  4. Two (2) Social Media Platforms (Facebook AND Instagram) 3x per week:
    R600.00 monthly, R3600.00 half-yearly, or R7200.00 annually.
Hereby, the above mentioned parties agree as follows:
1. I (the Advertiser) request the following service/s:
2. I (the Advertiser) agree to pay on the following term:
3. That, against payment of a monthly, half-yearly or annually amount (as mentioned above), GRKK Web Presence will advertise and manage the business on the chosen Social Media Platform/s, from the date of signing of the agreement:
4. That the amount agreed upon is payable within seven (7) days after signing this agreement, in GRKK Web Presence's bank account, the details of which are as follows:

Account Name: GRKK Web Presence
Savings Account number: 1689 8492 64
Branch code: 470010

5. If the Advertiser chose the half-yearly or annual payment option and then wishes to cancel our services before the end of that period, the Advertiser forfeits the right to reimbursement of any part of the amount payable.
6. I (the Advertiser) accept the Terms and Conditions as stated above by GRKK Web Presence
7. I (the Advertiser) have existing Social Media Platform/s:
If "YES", GRKK Web Presence requests that the Advertiser make "Nadia Schoeman" an admin on their Social Media Platform/s.
If "NO", GRKK Web Presence requests that the Advertiser forward the following information to
Nadia Schoeman | 082 619 1100 |

  • Name of business
  • Contact details
  • Address of business
  • Business hours
  • Business logos
  • Brief description about business
This information is used to create a Social Media Platform.

Archie van Dyke | 082 416 7279 |
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